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Step Lines

[title] Verify Wire Placement
[* black] Make sure the wire runs the way it is shown in the first photo.
[* black] As shown in the second photo, re-attach the gray 1x4 brick on the inside of the Ecto-1. This should hold the wire in place.
[* icon_note] before re-attaching the 1x4 brick, make sure the wire is pulled tight under the Ecto-1. This is necessary so the wire does not rub against the wheel.
[* black] As shown in the third photo, re-attach the wheel, and spin it to make sure the wheel does not rub against the wire.
[* icon_note] If the wheel rubs against the wire, remove the wheel, remove the 1x4 brick inside the Ecto-1, pull the wire tighter, and re-attach the parts again, double-checking to make sure the rubbing has been fixed.