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[title] Connect the Roof
[* black] Remove the pre-assembled roof assembly from its anti-static bag, and connect the white power plug to one of the large connectors on the BRANCH15 adapter as shown in the first photo.
[* icon_note] The other large connector on the BRANCH15 adapter board is for connecting power. The lighting kit includes a USB power cable, but you can use other Brickstuff power sources as well.
[* black] As shown in the second photo, connect the 4-wire connector from the roof to the matching connector coming from the front hood.
[* icon_caution] Make sure to align the two white dots on the 4-wire connectors as shown by the two red arrows in the second photo.
[* icon_note] For a completely self-contained lighting solution, you can use the Brickstuff LiPo power source (search for "SEED08" on our website). With a 500mAh LiPo battery and our LiPo power source, you can have power and lighting fully self-contained.

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