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[title] Alternate Power Methods
[* black] If you would like power to be self-contained inside your Ecto-1, there are several options.
[* black] The first photo shows the [|Brickstuff LiPo power supply], which you can use with a number of rechargeable batteries to provide self-contained power.
[* icon_note] Batteries must be purchased separately. See [|this link] for a list of tested batteries. We have found that the 500mA battery size fits inside the Ecto-1 and will power it for about 90 minutes of continuous use.
[* black] As shown in the second photo, you can also use the [|Brickstuff 9V Battery Power Supply] to power the Ecto-1. With a little creative wrangling of wires, you should be able to get the battery and cables to fit inside the Ecto-1.
[* black] Both of these options also include an on/off power switch, so you can mount this on the bottom of the Ecto-1 to turn power on and off without needing to remove the roof.
[* icon_note] Because of the high power demands of the lights in this kit, we do not recommend using coin cell battery packs or rechargeable batteries.

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