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[title] Connect Turn Signals to Main Controller
[* black] Take two 1.5" black connecting cables from Bag 1, and connect them to the large plugs on both BRANCH03 adapter boards as shown in the first photo.
[* black] The plugs will fit in only way-- do not force. Make sure to press the plugs fully into their sockets.
[* icon_caution] If you ever need to remove a large plug from its socket, always use the white tabs and your fingers to remove. ***Never pull from the wire, or you will break the plug***. Broken plugs cannot be repaired.
-[* black] Remove the main controller board from Bag 1. It should have the black infrared receiver and wire already connected to the SENS1 plug on the board.
+[* black] Remove the main controller board (labeled TRUNK11 on the back side) from Bag 1.
[* black] As shown in the second and third photos, carefully connect the 1.5" black cables to the main controller board. Note which specific connectors the plugs connect to (red arrows in the third photo). ***In order for the lights to operate correctly, the wires must be connected exactly as shown.***

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