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[title] Remote Control Operation
[* black] When power is turned on (either via a connected USB cable or AA battery pack with the switch turned on), the lights in your Bugati will respond to the RF remote control included with your kit.
[* icon_note] Note that your remote is linked to its specific receiver, so other remote controls will not interfere with the signal.
+[* icon_note] Each button on the remote has two functions.
+ [* black] Pressing a button for one second or less is called a "short press" and will control a specific function as shown in the following steps.
+ [* black] Pressing and holding a button for two seconds or longer before releasing is called a "long press" and will control a different function than a "short press".
+[* icon_note] It may take some time to get used to "short press" vs. "long press." Take your time and practice with the different options.