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[title] Parts Included In Your Kit
[* icon_caution] This accessory kit requires the [|Brickstuff light + sound kit for the LEGO® Hogwarts Castle|new_window=true]. Before proceeding with this guide, make sure you have completed installing the main kit and that all of the lights in the main kit are working.
[* icon_note] '''These instructions are for Version 2 of the Accessory Kit. You will know you have Version 2 because the "Central Power parts" bag will have one large adapter board with 10 small connectors, as shown in the second photo.''' If you do not have this adapter in your kit, you have Version 1 of the kit and should follow the instructions located [guide|31|here].
[* black] The photo in this step shows the parts included with your kit. You should have:
[* black] One bag labeled "Accessory Kit-- Central Power Parts"
[* black] One bag labeled "Boat Lanterns-- Centrally Powered"
[* black] One bag labeled "Hagrid's Hut-- Centrally Powered"
[* black] One bag labeled "Whomping Willow-- Centrally Powered"

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