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[title] PrepareInsert the Lantern LED Lights
[title] PrepareInsert the Lantern LED Lights
[* icon_note] Your bag of Boat Lanterns should have five pre-wired Pico LED lights with flickering yellow lights, and also five transparent yellow round LEGO bricks.
[* black] As shown in the first photo, take each LED light and carefully bend the light so it faces forward as shown.
[* black] As shown in the second photo, feed the LED light plug through the large hole of the round LEGO brick so the small white plug comes out the small hole of the brick. This should allow the LED light to slide inside the transparent yellow brick as shown in the third photo.
[* icon_note] As shown in the third photo, make sure the LED light board sits flat inside the transparent yellow LEGO brick, so the light shines up through the open top of the brick.
[* black] Repeat this process for the remaining four lanterns.