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[title] Re-Connect the Interior Light
[* black] As shown in the first photo for this step, re-connect the interior fiber optic light to one of the two remaining small plugs on the BRANCH15 adapter board.
[* icon_note] The blue underframe lights operate in sync with the interior fiber optic light. If you no longer want to have the interior light active, you can skip re-connecting it.
[* icon_note] Alternately, if you would like to have your interior fiber optic light turn on and off in sync with the rear tail light instead, you can swap adapter boards to use the BRANCH15 adapter (provided with this kit) to connect the two tail light LEDs and the interior fiber optic light together on the same circuit.
[* icon_note] If you decide to connect the interior fiber optic light to the same circuit as the two tail lights, you can use one of the BRANCH03 adapters to connect just the two underbody LED strip lights together.

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